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Baskin Robbins is known for its 31 flavors around the world. Starting from 21 flavors, it increased its number of flavors under advertising program. Baskin Robbins is giant ice cream maker while selling its ice cream around 40 countries with 5800 locations. Other giant ice cream makers such are Dairy Queen, BlueBunny and more. All ice cream makers from regional targeted to worldwide targeted are famous for their particular flavors like BR. It has famous 31 ice cream flavors around the world. It is known biggest ice cream parlours because its 31 ice cream flavors.

Established in 1953, with merging of two venture named Burt’s Ice Cream And SnowBird ice cream venture, Baskin Robbins started with 21 ice cream flavors, following SnowBird ice cream venture’s flavors. It was known as first food franchise seller along with ice cream maker after some times. Now, Baskin Robbins is known world’s largest ice cream maker also.

With 31 ice cream flavors, BR has lots of ice cream flavors under permanent ice cream flavors. You would get lots of ice cream flavors that are famous around the world.

Jamoca Almond Fudge is combination of chocolate fudge ribbon and roasted almonds. Old fashioned butter pecan which has butter pecan ice cream with butter roasted pecans. With pralines n cream you would get taste of vanilla ice cream with pecans piece that are coated with praline. This is one of famous ice cream flavors.

Chocolate mousse royale which is known as light chocolate ice cream has chocolate royale flavor with mousse like texture. With cookies n cream, you would enjoy lots of cookies chunks with vanilla ice cram flavors.

With other permanent ice cream flavors, you would enjoy ice creams like mint chocolate mint, world class chocolate, vanilla, very berry strawberry, pistachio almond and much more.

Beside, BR ice cream, you would get other BR related products like ice cream cake, prepacks, beverages like blast, waffle, flavored ice and more. Beside of permanent ice cream flavors, you would get every month new ice cream flavors under flavor of month program.

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Food And Beverages – BR’s Permanent Ice Cream Flavors

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This article was published on 2010/01/28