Fun In Creating Homemade Ice Cream

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What can you do on a long day home with the kids? After watching the same movies on TV, playing the same video games over and over again, waiting on long lines at the mall, you and your children are b-o-r-e-d out of your minds!  Here's a great suggestion:  Have a great time making homemade ice cream!  And the main equipment you will need is a set of empty coffee cans.

First things first, you CAN transform your coffee can into an ice cream maker. To do that, you could obtain coffee cans, one that is about 3 lbs. and another that is not less than 1 pound. Either method, one needs to be smaller than the other so that there's a lot of space left between the larger can and the smaller can after you place the small can inside. Wash these cans totally until the smell of coffee is gone. With the intention to transform your cans into an ice cream maker, stuff your cans in the freezer an hour earlier than you start making your ice cream.

Prepare the Ingredients

Now that your makeshift ice cream maker is chilling in the freezer, it is advisable to put together the ingredients that make up your ice cream. Review a homemade ice cream recipe and observe the instructions essential to arrange the ingredients. The fantastic thing about homemade ice cream is that you can experiment with whatever flavors you dream of. You can even tweak the homemade ice cream recipe and make it yours only!

The next step is the ice cream making process. Retrieve your makeshift ice cream maker out of the freezer. Combine all of the substances together and stack them in the 1lb. coffee or espresso can. Put the top on the coffee can and make sure nothing drips out or goes in by taping the top with duct tape. It will make sure that none of the liquid from the melted ice that you will put in later will seep within the 1 lb coffee can.

The next thing to do is, take one-cup rock salt and place it at the bottom of the 3lb. coffee can. Top the salt with some ice. The salt will hold the ice longer and keep it from melting fast. Retrieve your 1lb. coffee can and place it inside the larger one. Sprinkle some ice across the smaller can putting more salt as you go. It's best to then place the lid on the bigger can, which you'll cover with duct tape to be sure that the contents do not spill out.

Get the Children Ready to Make Your Homemade Ice Cream with the Coffee Cans

The next part is the fun part! Collect your kids and inform them to play with the can by shaking it backwards and forwards for fifteen minutes. Inform them to tumble with the can, move the can around, soar with the can, or throw the can back and forth with each other! In the process, your ice cream is being created!

Ready for that yummy homemade ice cream?  Just wait fifteen minutes and then open your makeshift ice cream maker. Voila!  Congratulations -- You did it!

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Fun In Creating Homemade Ice Cream

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This article was published on 2011/03/26