Healthy Alternatives Of Dairy Ice Cream

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Summers are rushing to touch the peak of mercury and our craving for ice cream is also getting sharp. But after reading so much about the dairy ice creams, it stop our hands and our consciousness scolds us indulging in such an act especially when you are on diet. Ice cream is such a dessert which one can easily eat overly without realizing. If you are one of them who born with sweet tooth then living without ice cream is just like a curse. But here are some tricks that are surly for you to avoid overeating and replacing ice cream with some healthy alternatives:

Cheat Your Sweet Tooth: However it’s not easy to find the best alternate of ice cream but frozen yogurt is such an icy dessert that has more similar taste of an ice cream that is known for high saturated fat that causes many serious health threats. But frozen yogurt is considerably lower in fat and calories. You can even make Popsicle with frozen yogurt and berries. Just blend fat-free yogurt and berries, pour this mixture into the Popsicle mould placing a stick and put it into the freezer.  Smoothies can also be a good replacement of ice cream. Smoothies are made by using fruit and yogurt but keep it natural without adding artificial sugar and flavors. It will keep you cool while providing healthy stuff.

Protein shakes are also a great way to get proteins while you have craving for something ice cool and sweet dessert. Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate can also be good treat for your taste buds while limiting on the calories.

Make It Yourself: If limiting on ice cream is like mammoth task for you so try to keep it as much real as you can by preparing it at home without using any artificial ingredient like Corn syrup and saccharin, just milk cream, natural sweeteners like agave nectar, egg and natural flavors like vanilla beans. Just take one scoop at a time and fill your cup with fruits, dark chocolate chips or nuts, and natural seasonings to make it look like a full cup of ice cream. 

Use Non Dairy Ingredients: If you have lactose intolerant or vegan you can use soy, rice milk or coconut milk to replace the dairy products. Coconut milk is dairy free milk and is used to make many mouth watering desserts and cuisines. Coconut milk also has fat but it is healthy fat and immediately absorbed by the digestion system and promotes the good cholesterol. Preparing ice cream using coconut milk may have a slight taste of coconut but if you don’t like the taste you can hide it using your favorite flavors like vanilla or chocolate. It’s not that hard to hide the taste of coconut. Coconut milk ice cream has the same ice cool taste as its counterparts and you will never know that you are eating a substitute of dairy version.

Make it small at a time:  the another option may be that instead of making ice cream in a large quantity, keep the quantity low or just head to the ice cream parlor and order only for a scoop, let it melt a little, it will give you the impression of more ice cream than it really is, or add some fruits in it.

After reading this article you don’t need to suppress your desire of having something sweet to maintain your health and waist line. There are many if not numerous healthy alternatives that have the same ice cool as well as healthy frothy texture to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer.

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Healthy Alternatives Of Dairy Ice Cream

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Healthy Alternatives Of Dairy Ice Cream

This article was published on 2014/04/22