Ice Cream at its Finest with Yonana

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There is now a healthier alternative to the conventional famed hot weather treat courtesy of Yonana machine. From anywhere in the world when summer unleashes its heat, one of the ever ubiquitous treats that people go splurge on is ice cream. However for the health-conscious people out there, they may opt to stay away from this fabulous treat. This is where this beauty of a machine will entice them. The advantage of making homemade ice cream is you know what you are putting on it and hence may choose healthier alternatives to various ingredients thought to be contributory to weight gain and other consequences. In addition to that, try reading the ingredients posted on the receptacles of conventional ice cream and you’ll read ingredients that you may not even be familiar with. This makes it perfect for children because you are sure no preservatives are being consumed by them making their favourite frozen treat healthy and nutritious. This is also a great way for them to consume more fruits if they are averse to eating them.

The Yonana is yet an ingenious invention which is a very welcome addition to any kitchen. It makes use of bananas to come up with ice cream fit even for those who are on a diet. This means even those who are strict regarding their caloric intake can help themselves with more helpings compared with conventional ice cream. Aside from bananas, other kinds of fruits can be used so you come up with different ice cream variations for differing palates. You can mix-and-match other fruits to go with the bananas and come up with new varieties of it. We are all aware of different marketing claims of some products being 100% fruit. With this machine this is very much possible because all you use are fruits (and maybe some other ingredients that you want to experiment on to come up with a new recipe). The Yonana machine not only takes up little space, it can be carried with ease as well. It may even benefit your finances because compared to buying ice cream in the market or from retailers making ice cream from this machine is significantly cheaper. You also get to pick which ingredients you want on your ice cream so you are guaranteed putting no preservatives and other similar ingredients that may produce unwanted effects on your body. For a machine that doesn’t look too imposing, it is surprisingly durable. In addition to that it is also a cinch to clean.

Homemade ice cream has gotten bad flack because of potential disease it has been associated with in the past, mainly salmonella from undercooked eggs. However that risk is no longer a concern now through this machine because eggs are not used to come up with ice cream with perfect consistency. Ice cream has never been this good and nutritious before. The nutrient content of ice cream from this machine increases as the number of fruits and other healthy ingredients are added to it. The whole family will surely love it. You can now also serve a terrific treat to your guests that will make them ask for more. Who says ice cream cannot be indulged without cramming significant amounts of calories, sugars and fats in your body? With the Yonana machine, you get to indulge your sweet tooth and be healthy at the same time.

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Ice Cream at its Finest with Yonana

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Ice Cream at its Finest with Yonana

This article was published on 2011/12/30