Ice cream – Brief introduction and Benefits of Natural Ice Cream

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Ice cream!! Water start running in everybody mouth as the name appear, and it's not like that only kids or young have interest even ice cream is well capable of bringing water in mouth of old once also, here age no bar .Ice cream can be very helpful in making someone mood or he/she may be upset by some reason, offer ice cream to him/her; suddenly there will be change in mood and a smile will appear. 
It is not like that keep on heating ice cream is good for your health, it can cause harm to your teeth because now a day ice cream are coming with many compositions of different type of material and chemical mix with your ice cream. Ice creams are categorized in two ways - one is natural ice cream and other is conventional ice cream.  
Conventional ice cream contains added flavors which are made of chemicals like Diethyl glycol, Aldehydec-17, Amyl acetate, Butyraldehyde, Benzyl Acetate and other chemicals to give a particular flavor.  
These chemicals are highly toxic in nature and can harm body system, can change the malfunctioning of body and are a major reason or symptom behind rheumatoid arthritis. These chemicals are found to be major reason behind rheumatoid arthritis symptoms found in the patients. In one word, rheumatoid arthritis should avoid ice cream from their diet. 
Natural ice cream is made up of milk and natural pulp of fruits like strawberry, cherry, mango, banana, grapes, various fruit juice and other organic ingredients. So far natural ice cream looks good. 
So before going for an ice cream, you should think over because your health come first then any taste or flavor. So choose better brand because they make Ice-ream that are good source of vitamin A, thiamine, niacin and vitamin E. They think for your health and your family together with delicious taste.

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Ice cream – Brief introduction and Benefits of Natural Ice Cream

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This article was published on 2011/01/10