The Ice Cream Diet - Hype, Myth, Or Truth?

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With a name like, the Ice Cream Diet, who wouldn't wonder just a little bit about it? The creator mentioned, in Prevention magazine, that you'll experience the weight loss you need and be able to chow down on ice cream each day. In order to determine whether this diet is for real or not, we decided to review it and tell you the benefits and disadvantages it has.

Ok, we have to say that the Ice Cream Diet is yet one more diet claim that assures you the ability to eat scrumptous food and lose weight in the process. However, there is the same thing you'll have to do, like all other diets, and that is to be careful about the calories you ingest every day.

While the amount of calories you eat needs to be a certain amount, you can still enjoy ice cream each and every day. Another component to this diet, and it's a good one too, is to do regular exercising. The approach is based on giving yourself a reward each day. It's much more difficult for so many people when they limit their eating to only those foods that are restrictive in calories, and the food is good for you but kinda not exciting at all. The main benefit of the Ice Cream Diet is that it will easier to adhere to from a psychological perspective. You'll eat the ice cream - yay, and then you must eat proteins, fiber, vegetables, and then fresh fruits. Then as you know there is the ice cream, but still they make recommendations such as organic ice cream. Check out gelato ice cream if you're not familiar, it is Italian ice cream that has a lot less sugar and fat in it. We've seen excellent ice creams in better health food stores that do not contain all the sugar and fats like normal ice cream. That way you will get the biggest bang out of the Ice Cream Diet.

One problem with the Ice Cream Diet is that the title is somewhat misleading. While it allows you to eat a small portion of ice cream every day, it is still a low calorie diet. It's possible people will see the title and incorrectly think they can lose weight while stuffing themselves full of ice cream.

If someone fails to learn about it, they could even believe they'll gain more weight - no, no. This, of course, is only wishful thinking, and if you are really interested in following this diet you have to read all the small print! Like most diets, the Ice Cream Diet advocates that you restrict your calories and get regular exercise.

It's not for everyone, but the Ice Cream Diet is for a lot of people who don't want the total brutality of dieting. You will need to stay the course with what is suggested for eating, exercising, and then not cheating with the ice cream. If you think you won't have a problem with that, then you should do fine with the Ice Cream Diet.
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The Ice Cream Diet - Hype, Myth, Or Truth?

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This article was published on 2010/12/13