The Ice Cream Diet Revealed For What It Is

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The Ice Cream Diet promises something that sounds wonderful, that we can eat ice cream and still lose weight. Since all people, almost all, love to feast on ice cream; this sounds just incredible, doesn’t it? We wanted to do a review of the Ice Cream Diet, and inquiring minds do want to know if they can “diet” successfully using the cold stuff.

Like all reputable diets, you’ll be instructed on the benefits of frequent exercise and its importance to the diet. That could eliminate some people right away, as there are folks who don’t want to exercise and thought all they had to do was watch the tube and eat ice cream. Furthermore, if you ever read a diet that discounts the need for regular exercise, then it’s best to just quietly walk away from it. When you look at this diet, what you’ll see are recommendations to eat well but lower in calorie, regular healthy work-outs Monday through Friday for half an hour apiece, and only then are you encourage to imbibe in smaller portions of ice cream each day. If you follow these recommendations, you should be able to lose weight, even while eating ice cream. Fruits and vegetables that are fresh plus good sources of fiber and protein is the mainstay of your diet. Ice cream comes in all kinds, and many try to be as healthy as possible. Another option is gelato, the Italian ice cream that is usually lower in fat and sugar than typical commercial ice creams. If you choose the best quality of ice cream, you will be getting all of the nutritional benefits of ice cream, with none of the artificial ingredients and less fat. This will enable you to make the most of the Ice Cream Diet.

When you study and understand the Ice Cream Diet approach, it’s clear that the ice cream added to it is more for the catchy name than any other reason. With this diet, men are not allowed to eat more than 2,000 calories per day, and women 1,500. In addition to the calorie restrictions, the diet has you engaged in exercise that will help to burn fat, etc. You’ll be expected to factor in the ice cream calories in your daily limit. It’s interesting because you can really eat a little bit of something “bad” for you every day, just as long as you follow the plan – and you’ll still lose weight. So you can see that the ice cream in the Ice Cream Diet is purely for marketing reasons.

It’s not a push-button diet, there isn’t any, and the Ice Cream Diet can work for you if you follow it and take action each day. However… please do not sabotage your efforts by eating more ice cream than the book suggests. Ok? The attraction of this diet is the daily ice cream breaks things up, gives you a little something each day, and you won’t feel like you’re in boot camp, or wherever.

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The Ice Cream Diet Revealed For What It Is

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This article was published on 2010/12/12