The Latest Fad Diet - The Ice Cream Diet

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It's certainly understandable to feel unsure about the Ice Cream Diet just based on its name. The point is there appears to be some kind of hype or contradiction involved with a diet that seems to place importance on eating ice cream. The plan with the Ice Cream Diet most certainly is to eat delicious ice cream every day, and you follow the diet guidelines to lose weight. In this article, we're presenting our findings based on a review of the Ice Cream Diet.

The Ice Cream Diet is the latest of many diets that promise that you can eat delicious foods and still lose weight. However, there is the same thing you'll have to do, like all other diets, and that is to be careful about the calories you ingest every day.

You'll be able to eat some ice cream each day, if you want, but then you'll have to curtail your calories throughout the rest of the day. Another part of the Ice Cream Diet strategy is frequent exercise, but that's really highly recommended no matter what diet you follow. The ice cream each day is for those who really respond well to a daily "good job" reward. People have a tough time being a Spartan and eating like one; meaning to only eat foods that they're taste buds yawn at. People are different - some can get by fine on the Spartan approach, and others need a little more support; and that is the appeal and approach with the Ice Cream Diet. When you go on the Ice Cream Diet, you are encouraged to eat a variety of nutritious foods that are high in fiber, along with fruits, vegetables and a daily portion of ice cream. Ice cream comes in all kinds, and many try to be as healthy as possible. One possibility is the Italian ice cream, gelato, which will contain fewer fats and sugars than regular ice cream. We've seen excellent ice creams in better health food stores that do not contain all the sugar and fats like normal ice cream. This will enable you to make the most of the Ice Cream Diet.

Because there isn't enough sceintific evidence, no one really knows if this diet really works. This relatively new diet has quite a few people who claim that it works. The Ice Cream Diet is still questionable as to it's effectiveness. So if you decide to try this diet for yourself, you have to see for yourself if it works for you. The Ice Cream Diet will absolutely work when you understand it, and you'll need to stay within the guidelines it gives you. Aside from the name, designed to attract attention, this is a straight-forward approach to common sense exercise and watching your calories. So, just as long as you follow what it tells you to do, then you'll lose weight - and don't eat a ton of ice cream, ever.
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The Latest Fad Diet - The Ice Cream Diet

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This article was published on 2010/10/19