The Taste of Creamy Pralines

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In southern area people tend to make a creamy praline and yet some are searching for already made. This can be given as a gift or snack to enjoy with your family. Definitely many people love pralines because it’s tasty and very delicious. Actually, it's never a waste when you purchase pralines, because it’s healthy. Plus, it has antioxidants which helps lower the cholesterol and it’s healthy for the heart. A lot of people were surprised by this candy because they can immediately create their own praline with this ingredients and the preparation is simple. Nowadays, there are different flavors that are out such as chocolate, orange, pineapple, rum flavored candies and much more. You'll be pleased to know that aside from eaten the candy alone it is also perfect when you mix it with other dishes.

You will be glad with the result if you know how to blend and add the pralines. Pralines can also be used for ice cream topping. Ice cream and pralines are a great combination to meet your needs, if you’re into sweets like me. Get an ice cream with any flavor you like then sprinkle the pralines on top, before serving. Taste the wonderful blend of ice cream and pralines as it melts into your mouth. The most frequent ingredients in making creamy pralines are crystal sugar, milk, butter, vanilla, pecans, and a quarter cup of water. Basically placed in a heavy saucepan and stir the milk, sugar, water, and placed in the heat. Stir constantly and bring to boil. Wait until it extent similar to softball. Remove from the heat and add butter, vanilla and pecans. If the variety gets even immediately begin to drop small balls on the wax paper. Chill the creamy pralines for a couple of minutes and then ready to serve. Keep in mind you can use pralines in many things. Think outside of the box, be creative and share the results to everyone. Each of us has hidden talent for cooking and we are creative in our own ways. Hence, if you think you can do it then try it there is no harm in trying.

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Jane Ros is a great follower of New Orleans praline recipes.
She suggest you to try pralines and you will be glad with the result.

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The Taste of Creamy Pralines

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The Taste of Creamy Pralines

This article was published on 2011/11/18