The Truth About The Ice Cream Diet

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The claim made the creator of the Ice Cream Diet is simple: you can drop the weight and still be able to eat something delicious, like ice cream, each day. This is a little hard to believe, as we've all been taught that desserts like ice cream are fattening and will make us gain weight. We saw this and wanted to get down to find out if the Ice Cream Diet is a cruel joke, or if it's something that's real.

Ok, we have to say that the Ice Cream Diet is yet one more diet claim that assures you the ability to eat scrumptous food and lose weight in the process. You will need to be mindful of the calories you eat each day, and that is no different from other diets.

This diet is designed to keep the daily calories limited, but you can still eat that wonderful ice cream each day. Regular exercise is important to do no matter what, but this diet includes that as part of the overall approach. The ice cream each day is for those who really respond well to a daily "good job" reward. It's much more difficult for so many people when they limit their eating to only those foods that are restrictive in calories, and the food is good for you but kinda not exciting at all. People are different - some can get by fine on the Spartan approach, and others need a little more support; and that is the appeal and approach with the Ice Cream Diet. There is nothing complicated or hard about this diet, and almost anyone can do it. The overall diet is made easier because it isn't necessary to buy any diet meals that cost a lot. You have some choices in your daily meals, as long as you don't go over the number of calories permitted every day. Of course, you are also allowed to eat a portion of ice cream as well. If anyone sticks to the plan as outlined by the Ice Cream Diet, then we really think weight loss can happen pretty easily.

The Ice Cream Diet will work if you follow the plan because it is structurally sound, and the inclusioin of ice cream in the name is just a catchy phrase for the title. The calorie targets are: Men, no more than 2,000 cals/day; and Women, no more than 1,500 cals/day. Then you will combine that with exercise on a regular basis. You'll be expected to factor in the ice cream calories in your daily limit. It's obvious that the "ice cream," or whatever you substitute is fine as long as you do everything else. Therefore it's clear that the Ice Cream Diet name and implication is more for marketing purposes than any other reason.

This diet sounds fun and easy. The strict rules seem easier because you get to get Ice Cream every day. You can consider the pluses and minuses of this diet that we've discussed here and make up your own mind if you want to try the Ice Cream Diet.
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The Truth About The Ice Cream Diet

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This article was published on 2010/12/29